Within June ’14 Project Update

Posted 8 months ago in: News  

As you may or may not know, our Kickstarter campaign wasn’t successful.

DESTINYbit is a very small indie studio and so far Within has been funded 100% out of pocket.

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We’re LIVE on Kickstarter!

Posted 9 months ago in: News  

We’re live with our Kickstarter campaign for Within. Help us make this game a reality. Be sure to tune in in the following days to get updates and learn more about the game!

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Within will be on Kickstarter Starting May 16th, 2014

Posted 10 months ago in: Trailer  

Today at ECT 2014 we announced that Within will launch a Kickstarter campaign later this month, starting May 16th 2014. It was very important for us to take the project as far as we could on our own before turning to the community for support.

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DESTINYbit sponsors ECT 2014

Posted 10 months ago in: News  


We’re really excited to announce that DESTINYbit will be one of the official sponsors for the East Coast Throwdown fighting game tournament. One year ago we announced Within at ECT V and we’re really happy to be back this year to show everybody the progress we’ve made.

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Beta 0.1 at the Road to Ultra tournament in Rome, IT

Posted 11 months ago in: News  


Rome is getting a major! On March 22nd-23rd, we will be at the Road to Ultra international tournament at the Extraball Arcade in Rome to show the latest version of Within, marking it’s 0.1 beta version.

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Within at the Eden Fight Club Tournament in Bologna, IT

Posted 1 year ago in: News  


Eden Fight Club, a major italian fighting game tournament will take place this weekend in Bologna, Italy. Alongside the SSFIV: AE v2012 tournament, we will have a presentation to talk about Within and two demo stations to try the latest build of the game.

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The official Within website launches today

Posted 1 year ago in: News  

We finally launched http://whatlieswithin.me which will be your primary hub for everything Within. Here you can follow development as it happens, watch videos, exchange opinions in our forums and tell us what you think about the progress we’re making.

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Posted 1 year ago in: DESTINYbit Vlog  

In the third episode of our Vlog, we take a look at our VxG experience and pro fighting game player EMP|Dieminion gives his impressions on Within.

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Within Development Vlog 001

Posted 1 year ago in: Development Vlog  

In our first Development Vlog for Within, Gian Paolo Vernocchi recaps VxG and talks about the feedback we got from top players at the event including EG|PR Balrog, EMP|Dieminion, coL Filipino Champ, LUYG|Rip, EMP|IFC Yipes, Marq Teddy & more.

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Within Beta 0.0.1 Changelog

Posted 1 year ago in: Beta  

We released the first version of the Beta to a few selected members following VxG. This is the same build we shown during the event and that was played by many top players at the event.

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